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The role of the Membership Committee is to recruit, engage, and retain members in support of the goals of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. The success of the Cincinnati Chapter is only as good as the strength, passion, energy and collective power and wisdom of its membership. It is the goal of the Membership Committee to make sure members are able to participate and engage to their full potential.

New members bring fresh ideas, foster chapter growth, and eventually assume leadership roles as they become available, and gain new skills in a safe environment. This goes beyond encouraging mothers to only attend a meeting or event. It includes integrating their family into the chapter and keeping everyone involved.

Once a member into Jack and Jill, active membership ends as soon as the youngest child graduates high school. However, passion for Jack and Jill never ends. Once graduated, mother members transition to the Associates level and carry on their passion to greater heights. In addition, they continue to serve as role models to both tenured active members and guides for newer members.

Both active tenured mother members and associate mothers members have information, knowledge, and understanding of the culture of the chapter that newer members are able to learn from. It helps all members achieve their full potential on the Jack and Jill journey.

It is the role of the Membership Committee to bring all of these valued assets together in a harmonious approach to support the overall goals, strategies and mission of Jack and Jill of America, Inc.

Jack and Jill membership is comprised of the following groups:

  • Mothers: Mothers are the active members of the Jack and Jill organization. As such, Mother members are responsible for carrying out the mission, vision and goals of Jack and Jill of America, Inc. Mothers are also expected to be active participants in the Chapter as well as serve as leaders in the Chapter.
  • Children: Ages 2–12 are actively engaged in program activities that are planned by the Mother members. These programs emphasize leadership development, volunteer service and philanthropic giving and are accomplished under EDUCATION, CULTURAL, CIVIC, SOCIAL/RECREATIONAL, and HEALTH National Programmatic Thrusts.
  • Teens Ages 13–19 are actively engaged in programs through a self–governing framework that is strategically aligned with that of the Mother Members. In this framework, Teens are allowed to hold elected offices and chair committees.
  • Fathers: While not mandatory, our Fathers participate in organizational activities as they are a vital part of our families and our lives. In the past, our Fathers have led financial literacy training, chaperoned events, helped plan and execute age group activities and have actively supported our annual fundraising efforts in a variety of ways.
  • Associates: Former Mother Members who have successfully completed their tenure as members make up this group. Our Associates continue to participate in select Chapter activities in addition to organizing and executing events to promote fun and fellowship among the Associates Group.

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