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The Power of Programming

The Cincinnati Chapter of Jack and Jill of America has been leveraging programs and implementing National Program Thrusts for over 60 years to make a meaningful difference in the Cincinnati Area. The Chapterís success lies in three things:Creating programs that (1) holistically develop children and families including (2) focus on strong service programs that work to (3) benefit the community as a whole.

Holistic Development of Children and Families

The Programming requirements of Jack and Jill of America includes programs and activities that drive education, civic involvement, legislative learning, social etiquette training and leadership development, financial literacy, service, and of course good old fashioned family fun! This holistic development of children and families is all in service of providing options and opportunities for our families and for families in the Cincinnati Community. We have creative programming that engages our children, drives growth and helps create better world citizens one child at a time.

Focus on Service

Our chapter wide service projects this year include a major book donation to replenish the library at the Avondale Boys & Girls Club, Matthew 25 and Warm Weather Hat & Glove Drive. Even with all of these great works, our long standing commitment to the children of the South Avondale School and Avondale Boys & Girls Club through our Signature Power Pack Program is probably the activity of which we are most proud. With over 7 years of service, the Cincinnati Chapter will this year packs its 1000th power pack!!

Benefitting the Families in the Jack & Jill Community

The work of our chapter benefits our families but, equally as important, this work has a very profound impact on the African American community. Through creative, fun programming, children interact, share experiences, and serve the larger community. Jack and Jill members work to meet the needs of the community through financial and service contributions reinforcing our dedication to services to meet the needs of children. Through the outreach programs and the holistic approach, the Chapter strives to ensure that no matter where children are in life, they are exposed to new opportunities that improve their skills across a wide spectrum (i.e. physical, mental, social) so that all children touched by Jack and Jill are able to have a sense of the possibilities and opportunities that may lie outside their current experience.

Programming Makes a Difference! With our efforts to engage children and equip them with necessary life skills, all children are better able to thrive and succeed in an ever changing world.

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